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Repair, restore and protect your
horses joint health and welfare.

“Your horse, our inspiration”

Our dose delivers twice as much as our competitor’s with proven results!!!

Our dose delivers twice as much as our competitor’s with proven results!!!

Remember, Ekijoint gold collagen is the ORIGINAL FORMULA for a true nutraceutical for your horses, livestock and pets.

Do not accept imitations
Patent pending.


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Notice results in 30 days

Our exclusive patented formula delivers rapid and affective results.

Made in USA

Crafted with safe, highest-quality ingredients.

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60 days money back guarantee.



Ekijoint Gold is a company dedicated to the innovation of supplements for horses, focused on improving their joints, tendons and ligaments health and performance. Our company’s main objective is to provide high-quality products that meet the specific needs of horse owners concerned about the well-being of their animals.

Offering top-quality products backed by over 15 years of scientific research and specialized experience, and formulated with top quiality ingredients.

We firmly believe in the importance of the health and well-being of horses, and we strive to provide effective and safe solutions to maintain their vitality and optimal performance.

“Your Horse, Our inspiraton”


Danny Moguel
International Eventing Rider, Panamerican and Central American competitor.

  • Liz Cazares

    Liz Cazares

    Best product ever!!!

    My horse had severe tendon pain. I had tried everything and nothing seemed to help him. I was recommended Ekijoint Gold and literally after 3 weeks he is recovered! He no longer has any pain and supports his limbs well again. I will definitely continue with it for maintenance and prevention. We are both happy.

    9 February 2024
  • Avatar

    Savanah Gulden

    This stuff is a serious game changer.

    I started my breakaway horse on this product about a month and a half ago and she has made a total and complete comeback. She is 18 and has never had hock injections. Up until this last year she has been great, but then she had an injury that made me turn her out to pasture for a couple of months. When I brought her back she was extremely stiff and I was worried she wasn’t going to be ready in time for my finals. I started her on equijoint and not only was she ready in time for finals, but she worked better and stopped harder than she has in YEARS! She feels incredible now and I believe this product had a lot to do with it!

    22 January 2024
  • Avatar

    Mai Ailyng Dunlow

    The best for my dog

    I am very happy with ekijoint gold products because mi 9 years old lab started with hip problems, he stopped playing and jumping, after 3 weeks he went back to be the same playful young doggie as ever.

    22 January 2024
  • ebiscar81

    Edith Scarlata

    it really works

    A friend recommended it to me and I honestly didn’t think it would work so well, in 3 weeks my dog’s improvement was evident.

    22 January 2024
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